…is about how we can use wool, yarn and fiber crafts to take care of ourselves, others and the planet.

I have been knitting and making since childhood, but it wasn’t until in my mid 30s that I realised I make things for specific, but various reasons.

The realisation that I use knitting to decompress and recharge led me onto researching the role of taking part in a knitting group can play for our wellbeing. Through the many women, and some men, that I met during my PhD project in England I learned about how fiber crafts can enable connection with yourself and others. How it can create a space for contemplation or for distraction from the issues life presents us with. How it can be that “thing” that keeps you going when it all feels like too much.

I am sure that many of us the last couple of years have been grateful for our fiber related hobbies and the contacts and sense of community – online worldwide – that they have enabled.

I offer individual online sessions for you to explore how you could use knitting or spinning for your “woolbeing” in your everyday life.                Please get in touch to find our more! Contact!